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Bad Moon Rising

Washington State, September 2005. Summer has ended early and both the cities and vast empty wilderness of Washington are locked in with fog and autumn downpours. The conifer forests drip with rain as equally as the gutters of Seattle. However, blood drips as much as rain in Washington. It is just over a month to the first solar eclipse in many years and the monsters of Washington state are becoming restless. Hunters all over have noticed an increase in disappearances, violent deaths and mysterious sightings. With the increased supernatural activity comes an increase in hunter recruitment as more innocents become aware of the darkness and up the Vigil against it.

Werewolves fight brutal blood feuds in the forests of the wilderness and woe betide anyone who gets in the way. Vampire clans fight their own, subtler, battles in the cities. Rumours abound of an increase in Changeling freeholds as seers notice an increase in activity in the Hedge. It doesn’t take seers to notice the increase in spirit activity though – even those without a trace of paranormal awareness have noticed strange occurences lately. Even the esoteric activities of Mages seem to be on the rise, with hidden battles quietly devastating secluded areas all across the state.

What is behind this sudden rise in supernatural horror? Is it the solar eclipse? Is it just summer ending early, locking the state into a long, dark winter? Or is it something more sinister? All that is sure is that it will take brave men and women to take up a candle to the dark. It will take Hunters.

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